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About Akin Care

We’ve Been There.

After 15 years of caring for my parents, my husband, Laszlo, and I discovered that it was not only difficult to find caregivers, it was difficult to find consistently good quality care. And I didn’t just want good care for my parents, I wanted the best care.

That is how Akin Care Senior Services came to be. “To provide the highest quality, most compassionate in-home senior care to the elders of our community by matching them with our highly trained, professional and compassionate Caregivers.”

We work with you to ensure you, or the one you love, lives Independently and In control of their days, where ever they call home.

We provide a 100% guarantee of a good fit between you and your caregiver.

– Ann King-Musza

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the very best care to the elders in our community so they can remain independent, in control, and in their homes. We do this by providing a 100% guaranteed fit with our highly trained, compassionate caregivers.

The Akin Care Team

Ann King-Musza

Ann King-Musza


I’ve been fortunate to have had a number of different careers; parent to two dazzling adults, Recycling Specialist, Strategic Partnership Specialist, wife to an exceptional husband, Executive Director of a nonprofit, and carer for my parents. I’ve come to the realization that, even outside my chosen employment, every job is about helping other people. 

I could not be more proud of all the ways in which Akin Care assists people. Our mission is to provide the very best care for our clients and relieve some of the stress for their loved ones. This can only be achieved by our outstanding caregivers, the skill of our nurses, and the generous support of every staff person in the office.

It’s a privilege to be a member of the larger community of Princeton and the smaller community of Akin Care Senior Services.

Sheli Monacchio, CDP, CADDCT, CMDCP

Sheli Monacchio, CDP, CADDCT, CMDCP

Executive Director

I began my journey early on in the late 80’s as a teenage caregiver for my grandmother with dementia with absolutely no resources. In 1999, I was gifted the opportunity to begin working with seniors and made a promise to myself that if ever I could help a family who was struggling with caregiving, I would do everything I could to help. My journey through the last 25 years gave me experience in Assisted Living, Hospice, Home Care, Skilled Nursing, Elder Law, and Home Safety.

In 2011, I founded Caring Connections of New Jersey whose mission is to provide education to seniors, their families, and the professionals who serve them. CCNJ became a 501c3 Charity in 2018 and now I’m the Executive Board President. I consider myself lucky to work among the most compassionate health care professionals in the industry.

Today I am honored to teach the senior care professionals and families about Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care as a Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer through the National Council for Certified Dementia Practitioners. I’m also a Montessori Dementia Care Professional and Certified Support Group Facilitator.

I joined Akin Care Senior Services as the Executive Director in June of 2023, and am impressed every day by the compassionate and empathetic office team here as well as the competent, passionate, Certified Home Health Aides that care for our clients every day. I could not ask for a better team!

Tina Alvin

Tina Alvin

Home Care Manager

My name is Tina Alvin. I am the Home Care Manager for Akin Care Senior Services. I started with the Akin Care Team March 2017. Our care team has come to know me quite well through daily interaction and some have known me prior to Akin Care. My experience in the Home Care industry started in 2001 once leaving Princeton Medical Center of 16 years.

The Medical field has been my passion since my early years. Life experiences steered me in this direction and through my interactions through the years, I have learned so much from so many. This journey has been very rewarding emotionally and mostly, spiritually, as I have developed many wonderful relationships with such compassionate human beings!
My original home state is North Carolina the Raleigh Durham area, known as the Research Triangle. There is so much that influenced my upbringing there and I am so proud to say this is where my foundation came from.

Fun time for me is anything around water! I love the beach! And for anyone who knows me, FAMILY is my priority😊

Wanda Campbell

Wanda Campbell

Office Coordinator

My name is Wanda Campbell. I have been working in the field of Home Care in some kind of fashion for over 15 yrs.

Working with Akin Care has given me an understanding of what it means to work with a team.

We all may not be perfect, but we are a perfect group that works together. By the way, the first voice you may hear on the other end of your call will be me answering with a smile. TEAM AKIN!

Alyssa Turner, BSN, RN

Alyssa Turner, BSN, RN

Director of Nursing

My nursing journey in geriatrics began shortly after my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2020. I wanted to guide others through these difficult disease processes and help access resources that are confusing and overwhelming in the beginning. I previously worked as the Director of Nursing at an Assisted Living community and learned so much about the various needs associated with aging.

I believe that knowledgeable and compassionate Home Health Aides are the foundation to providing quality care and that is what I have seen since starting my Akin Care journey in 2024. I am proud to be a part of a supportive and caring office team and their passion for what they do is coupled with their knowledge and experience in the field.

I was born and raised at the Jersey Shore and in my spare time I love to be outdoors, travel, and spend time with family. I am also attending Rutgers University to obtain my Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). I look forward to getting to know each client personally and being part of a team that helps meet their needs every day!

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